highfive is Live: Redefining the Magic of Recruitment

Highfive is Live: Redefining the Magic of Recruitment highfive is Live: make recruiting feel human again Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. We’re excited to share our latest update, a year in the making. We’re releasing highfive – our platform that makes recruiting the right talent simple, quick, and extremely human. A Journey from Slackbot […]

Introducing Team Calloboration: Empowering Collective Recruitment Success

Introducing collaboration, now available on highfive 3.21 Introducing Team Collaboration: teamwork makes the dream work Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. We’re thrilled to share an update that’s set to transform how you recruit and collaborate with your fellow humans. At welovehumans, we’re rethinking recruiting for candidates, recruiters, and employers alike. We believe hiring is […]

Vind een klantenservicemedewerker in Rotterdam

find a strategy consultant in rotterdam

How to Find a Customer Service Representative in Rotterdam Recruiting the right people is a complex, inherently human endeavor. And we love humans. That’s why we’re committed to simplifying the routine, repetitive tasks involved in searching for candidates, freeing up your time and attention to engage solely with qualified, engaged human beings. In this blog, […]

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