Next-level hiring & targeted search based on company culture, within 5 min.

Taking it from 0 to a hundred in no-time. That’s how welovehumans goes about your candidate selection. This is how it works: you fill out your wishlist, wlh does a thorough (!) search and presents you a shortlist of top candidates, you get on the phone to your favourite match straight away. All in under 5 minutes. It matches well known parameters, as well as soft but super relevant skills: personality, culture fit etc. Thijs Bosgoed, Founder and CRO at wlh, is ready to shake up recruitment as we know it!

Thijs: “We’re going to stir things up and generate a whole lot of added value. For start-up founders, HR Managers at bigger corporates and professional recruiters. For that team about to fall apart without their colleague Anna, for health care services in frantic need of frontline workers: each and every organisation with more than one employee has to deal with recruitment every so often. And we’re looking beyond.”

“We’re ready to scale up recruitment to the AI-era without any repetitive nonsense or endless scrolling through profiles. But make it all the more human and boil it down to what’s actually fun and most important: interviewing great talent.”

Thijs lights up at the thought of it. “My expertise is bringing an idea into life,” he explains. “So it’s exciting to put this enormous impact that the AI-revolution is setting about into actual practical use. Let’s do it!”

Company culture & zero-ing in on talent

As Chief Revenue Officer Thijs is fixed to get the platform growing. And yes, the expectations are high, to say the least. “It’s rare that a product can deliver improvements on speed, effectiveness, price, and quality all at the same time; welovehumans can make an enormous impact for those we partner with. Who doesn’t want better hires, faster, at a fraction of the cost?”

Thijs notes what might be the platform’s most significant differentiator: its ability to match people to company culture and its really targeted search capabilities. “Company culture is a difficult phenomenon to get a firm grip on. Our platform gets to the heart of your organisation quickly, finds similar companies and seeks out those people who’ll fit. Based on workfield, size of the team, the kind of environment they feel comfortable etc.”

You choose what data to feed the platform and as any AI-tooling, it is self-learning. wlh optimalizes candidate selection based on your feedback. Thijs: “This offers unexpected insights. Let wlh surprise you!”

Johan+ with 1 push of a button & 1 DM

In some cases you just want a new Johan when he leaves. Right? Thijs: “Of course. Or Johan but with one extra skill. You can easily type out that profile into wlh. And the candidate is 1 push of a button away from you.”

Then what? “Give him a call! Or send a DM or a What’sApp on behalf of your CEO or an email with the team lead as sender. Great to have this process at the tip of your fingers. Even better are the results after such a personal interaction.”

Frontfoot hiring

But wait, why not get your recruitment up and running before someone hands in their resignation? Many teams have a steady flow of staff turnover. Too few people anticipate these flows. Thijs: ‘In my previous sales team of 50 people, we had about 5 people job hopping a year. With our tool you can set up your candidate list in advance. Frontfoot hiring, we call it. As soon as someone gives in their notice, you can get on the phone. Way faster and smarter than getting your selection started by then. You’ll be weeks out before you’ve finally filled out that gap in your staffing. With wlh you’re way ahead.”

Own dream team

Thijs is no stranger to the wlh-team, speaking of company culture. Joined at the hip with rowing friend and ex-compagnon Teun: “He’s the more strategic one, I’m the more commercial driven one. We compliment each other perfectly.” The experience of Thomas concerning anything technical is amazing: “Fantastic professional to work with.” And Jared seems to be AI-driven himself, according to Thijs: “No one accomplishes the same amount of work as he does. Wow.”

Thijs is ready to lift-off. “Very excited. Demo? Will do! Push button!”

Bio Thijs Bosgoed:
- EMEA director Groupon
- Founder BuyBay
- Founder Lucy
- Founder wlh

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