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Starter Plan

Ideal for smaller teams that prefer a flexible payment model: enjoy a low monthly fee combined with the convenience of paying only for each search you conduct.

Our Team Plan is perfect for collaborative hiring where multiple people from an organization, say, a talent or HR lead and a hiring manager, recruit collaboratively. This tier offers teams the ability to easily share shortlists, monitor candidate comms in one place, and incorporate candidate feedback into future searches in real-time. We recommend our Team Plan if you’re hiring 10-20 employees per year.

Our Community Plan is perfect for larger organizations recruiting for +20 roles per year. This tier allows you to leverage your collective employee graph, identifying key candidates within your network and uncovering potential referrals which helps reduce hiring risk.

How it works

Recruitment is a complex, inherently human thing. And we love humans. That’s why we focus on dramatically simplifying all routine and repetitive tasks associated with candidate search, freeing up your time and attention to focus on engaging with interested, qualified humans.

First, describe your ideal candidate to welovehumans… what experiences should they have had? What skills do they need to arrive with? What companies should they have worked at to indicate a potential culture fit?

Next, review a qualified shortlist of candidates that match your key requirements. Provide feedback on each candidate to refine the search, getting more specific as to what a target candidate looks like.

Then, add preferred candidates to your Favorites, and share the shortlist with team collaborators for feedback much like you would share a Spotify playlist.

Finally, press the big green button: FIND ME MORE CANDIDATES LIKE THIS.

Once welovehumans understands your search requirements and has, with your help, narrowed the search to a curated list of target profiles, we get to work finding you dozens of candidates with similar skills, experiences, and background.

Bye-bye hours of LinkedIn trawling. Hello welovehumans.

You can reach out to candidates directly via welovehumans, which helps keep all correspondence in one place. Recruiting as part of a team? No problem. You can collaborate with hiring managers and colleagues to ensure alignment.

You can sync your calendar booking link with welovehumans so that your favorite candidates can book intro calls with you directly. Bye-bye admin and calendar chaos.


We’ll conduct your first 5 searches together. WAIT… that doesn’t scale!? We know. That’s ok. We actually love humans. Running 5 searches together means starting slow, but the longer-term payback is meaningful.

Every new search begins with calibration. We actively seek feedback on candidate profiles that don’t meet the brief. Providing high quality feedback feels slow, but it makes all the difference in generating a high quality shortlist at lightning speed.

With onboarding and calibration in the rear view mirror, you can sit back and relax as welovehumans generates high quality shortlists on autopilot - tagging you in when there’s a required action.

1 click outreach to your shortlist means you can engage your favorite candidates quickly and cost effectively. Save time and money crafting outreach messages; welovehumans drafts personal comms to each candidate ensuring the highest chance of engagement.

Bye-bye 10% LinkedIn response rate, hello welovehumans. We help you convert more candidates to qualification and screening calls by improving outreach, nurture, and general excitement. Ensure candidate comms get eyeballs, not eye rolls.

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