welovehumans takes recruitment sector into the AI era

Meet welovehumans (wlh) a startup leveraging AI to transform recruitment for the knowledge economy. Recruiting is a people business that starts with bringing the right humans together. Except, it’s never been harder to find the right human.

It can easily take 40 hours to go from vacancy to qualified candidate shortlist; welovehumans wants it to take 5 minutes. Push button, get great candidate shortlist. Repeat.

It's probably worth asking what you'd do with a few hundred hours of time savings, not to mention cost saving, if you have hiring on the horizon.

Cofounded by Teun Kraaij and Thomas Mann, second time founders with decades of experience in recruiting and B2B SaaS, welovehumans is excited to partner with organizations who are ready to recruit differently.

Kraaij: "It's amazing that getting to a candidate shortlist in 2024 still takes weeks. Very few things in 2024 take weeks. By dramatically reducing time spent on repetitive and administrative tasks like searching for candidates, reviewing profiles, and reaching out to potential matches, we empower hiring managers and talent leaders to be fresh and focused on the human in front of them... their soft skills, unique experiences, and quality of cultural fit. It's hard to run a great hiring process if you're burnt out before you get to the start line."

Notably, welovehumans believes that better recruiting isn't just about using better tech. It's about empowering organizations with expertise, training, and tooling to recruit better. Better recruitment means better talent - the lifeblood of any winning team - and a must have in today's competitive labor market.

And for those curious, they've started running recruitment races. Who can create a great shortlist of humans for a given role the fastest? Spoiler: it isn't a human. You can enter a race by emailing with a vacancy you're recruiting for.

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